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This is the largest and most comprehensive list of Dwarf Fortress stories on the internet. Enjoy.

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STORY LIST: The Hall of Legends

This is a list of all the best stories posted on the Bay 12 forums, which includes other sources. Many of these are very long – it would take months to read them all.

Highlights from The Hall of Legends:

Possibly the greatest Dwarf Fortress story of all time. A succession fortress with murderous elephants, hilarious storytelling, and a terrifyingly deadly mega-weapon. A key piece of history, and a must-read for all Dwarf Fortress players. The entire saga can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Nist Akath
Another one of the greatest Dwarf Fortress stories ever told, on par with Boatmurdered – though much longer. Set against a frozen wasteland.

The Dwarf Computer
One of the greatest mega-projects ever completed. A fully functional, Turing-complete calculator built within Dwarf Fortress, powered by water, magma, and Dwarves. Monstrously impractical, incredibly slow, and completely amazing.

One Dwarf Against the World
The story of a single dwarf’s struggle to create and defend a fortress for one. This story popularized the name “Urist” as a stereotypical dwarf name.

Bravemule / Matul Remrit
A huge, fully illustrated tale – a collaboration between a writer, editor, artist, and musician. Each month is told in the diary of a different dwarf.

A succession fortress with unbelievable insanity and massive bloodshed.
The sequel to Headshoots – just as good.
The fan sequel to Syrupleaf.


Decent stories not listed elsewhere:

One man’s hilarious attempts to find out whether ballistae can be fired at whales. What other game allows you to even try this?

A funny story of a fortress set in a haunted wilderness.

Non-story links:

Chasing the elusive Mermaid
In this forum thread, the Dwarf Fortress community casually discusses the best ways to commit mass genocide against Merpeople, in order to harvest their valuable bones. Very dwarfy, and hysterical, depending on your sense of humor.
Tarn Adams, the programmer, was so disturbed by this thread that he lowered the value of Merpeople bones in the next game update.

The Brilliance of Dwarf Fortress
A New York Times article written about Tarn Adams, and the game he plans on spending his life creating.