I had a fortress where roughly 90% of the engravings were of buckets, buckets surrounded by dwarves, and buckets surrounded by screaming dwarves.

I stopped making engravings after a while.

Illustrated by Taran

Written by anonymous

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14 thoughts on “Buckets

  1. I don’t even play DF and I’m in tears laughing at the thought of this.

    What would possess anyone, dwarf or not, to carve pictures of buckets of all things? And moreover…dwarves screaming around buckets? Oh god, here comes another fit of laughter.

  2. Makes you wonder what kind of horror your carvers/engravers went through. Did somebody get their head stuck in a bucket and develop a phobia of the things, or what?

    Very strange. Amusing, funny even, but strange.

  3. It doesn’t take but one hall entrance engraved or embellished with hanging rings^W^W buckets of water (bay elm) (thirst ye Urists? Waaaaael…) for there to appear a Hall Of Hot Wet Dorfs and a Hall of Amended Workflow… It is also pretty invisible if there are urns and pots of dwarven rum or water or anything else. And what gets Urist used to the use of leather water flasks? They don’t hold it for a moon at a time so they’re deprecated? Does everyone else start even the first season with a well of soapy water, rather than finding nonmaterial animal-sourced scunci for the travel ‘fro everyone has?

  4. This reminds me of when my dwarfs filled a whole room with engravings of draltha tripe. Specifically, holding the tripe to the heavens while other dwarfs look on.

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