Legendary Burial Chambers

dwarfy burial chambersI always try to go for some sort of “Hall of Legends” near my Great Hall somewhere, and right after an ambush/siege/tantrum spiral I have my engravers start engraving and my craftsdwarves start making statues. If a legendary dwarf falls in such a battle, chances are they will engrave/make statues of him/her. So I find an engraving of the battle, put the statue of the fallen hero next to it, and put the best coffin I have next to that.

This all comes from a time I named a bunch of my initial dwarves after some friends and myself, and we all died in a glorious battle with about 10 cave dragons, the last of us dying from our wounds, but victorious. I decided to make a tomb next to the great hall to put us in, and some statues to increase the value to stop a tantrum spiral. By sheer chance I inspected my heroes’ tombs and they each had a statue of themselves next to their coffin. And engravings of the battle covered the walls. It was glorious.

Sadly, the next siege had about 100 goblins and 20 cave dragons, and with all my legendary dwarves dead, I didn’t stand a chance.

Written by Arrkangel

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