Boro Horrorgripped

I’m not sure how it happened, but my goblin, Boro Horrorgripped, got jumped by a Hydra. An epic battle ensued in which Boro had his arm torn off, and thus lost his sword. Certain of his death, he fell back to his last resort: a copper dagger and his (lack of) skill in wrestling.

By sheer luck alone he managed to grab hold of the hydra’s third head with both his legs, repetitively stabbing the head and any other that came close enough. The Hydra, becoming enraged, broke Boro’s grip and bit his left leg, shaking him around and ultimately tearing the leg off. Both creatures where worse for the wear; Boro, missing two limbs and bleeding profusely; and the Hydra, with several fractured skulls and multiple neck wounds.

The Hydra then charged, but Boro rolled out the way and thrust up with the dagger: striking the hydra in the heart and opening a major artery. The Hydra’s heads continued to snap at Boro, who again thrust upwards, stabbing the Hydra in the lung. Both tumbled down together, and all was silent. Boro, mortally wounded, crawled out from beneath the Hydra, triumphant. The Hydra, named Zenod Calledsculpts, had bled to death. Unfortunately, so did Boro.

Submitted by Eirik

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