Part 14: The Doomsday Bowl

I’m getting bored of this fort. It’s slow, nothing interesting has happened in a while, and the new nobles are always demanding things I don’t have, like trifle pewter and crystal glass items.

It would be more interesting if the fortress died a natural death, but I think that euthanisation is my only option here.

I have just finished the construction of a doomsday bowl located high above the fortress. And now to fill it with magma…

The giant bowl balances unevenly on a stone support so tiny that it makes me cringe every time I see it.

I don’t have a way to take a screenshot of a multi-Z-level object, so I drew it instead:

(I haven’t mentioned it before, but that little maze there is full of retractable spikes. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to use it on a goblin horde.)

I decided to make a huge stone bowl rather than just pouring magma into the fort, because this way, the heavy walls will smash through multiple floors of the fortress, enabling the magma to spread throughout, rather than just flowing down the main staircase harmlessly.

The tiny support is linked to a lever in the control room. I need only to give the order, and the whole fort will crumble into fiery chaos.

Can you guess which one is the doomsday lever?

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