Part 9: Wealth and Power!

Scouredbridged is coming along fantastically.

My dwarves have made 15 artifacts so far.

The fortress is worth 3.2 million dwarfbucks and has a population of 50.

I have eight legendary miners and six legendary engravers.

And remember how I said there was no iron ore? WRONG!

I was very pleased when I found this huge deposit of magnetite. Later, I found several veins of hematite and limonite (also iron ore), and even a vein of bituminous coal!

I immediately started forging iron and steel weapons and armor for my military, which has become large and powerful. The puny kobolds and weak goblins are no match. Here’s a picture of them getting paved into the ground!

My fortress is doing so well, in fact, that I’m getting kind of bored with it. My military is unstoppable, my dwarves can now go outside whenever they want, I have tons of food and booze, everyone is always ecstatic, and I have nearly unlimited steel production. It’s boring! I need some drama! “Losing is fun,” after all.

That’s why I increased the maximum population from 50 to 80. Once I get past 80 population, the sieges should start. That will be fun…

There is still SOME drama in Scouredbridged. I think at least one of my dwarves is a serial killer. On four occasions, I’ve found inexplicable trails of blood all over my fort, with a dead or dying dwarf at the end. Here’s two screenshots from two different occasions:

I have NO IDEA what’s going on here. I checked the “justice” screen and there was no information. It seems that while my dungeonmaster is great at smelting and metalsmithing, he is terrible at catching murderers…

Oh, and I had to deal with a quintuple ambush.

I’m starting to think I settled near a goblin tower or something.

A few unfortunate citizens were killed, but once my military got out there, they slaughtered the goblins almost effortlessly.

And guess what I did with all those bodies?

This is Scouredbridged. The fortress is decorated with drawbridges, hematite, and blood. The fortress is encircled with bands of goblin and kobold skull totems. The fortress menaces with spikes of goblin skull totems.

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