This just happened in my fort, and i thought it was really cool. My current fort is getting pretty large. We have weathered many goblin sieges and even captured and publicly executed the goblin civ’s war leader. We are still bothered by kidnappers from time to time, however.

One such kidnapper showed up right by one of my children. Rather then stuffing him in a sack right away, he decided to tear up the poor kids arm with his knife. The kid was a quick little bugger and managed to run away even with his injuries. I dispatched my steel clad hammerlords to deal with this, but i figured the kid was probably done for.

The kid actually managed to give the goblin the slip, and i noticed one of my hammerlords was gaining on the goblin. On a whim i checked his relationships, and it turns out the kid that got stabbed was his little brother!

What followed was what really surprised me. He was a hammerlord, he could have ended this goblin in a few strikes and been done with it, but he didn’t. He sat there and beat the everloving shit out of this goblin with his silver hammer for a really long time, longer than i have ever seen an armed dwarf fight a goblin. He kept biting him and shaking him around, he smashed out all his teeth and broke his limbs, and in particular he kept on hitting him in the right hand, even though it was essentially mush.

Only after the goblin finally passed out from his myriad injuries did Feb Wheeledtomes the confederacies of raining finally bring his hammer down one more time on the goblins head and ended his suffering.

I don’t know if it is just a coincidence or if he was exacting some dwarfy revenge for the attack on his little brother, but i love this friggin game


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