Hotel California

My newest fort is basically Hotel California. You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave — because there’s a swarm of 291 (and growing!) undead outside the barricaded entrance.

I embarked to an evil biome and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bloodsucking monsters. Then, a vile red slush crept in. It didn’t instantly kill my dwarves so I figured it was harmless. Turns out that it seems to induce unconsciousness through a fever, and suffocates everything to death. Only the two dwarves I had mining the initial base survived. My current goal is to accumulate enough wealth so that the humans will send trade caravans. Then I’m hoping enough will die so that the humans, elves, and goblins will all send armies to Tomeblankets…Vile red slush

Brought to you by the color red.

Written by Soritesparadox

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1 thought on “Hotel California

  1. So it’s evil vegetation and all you have to do is fill the land with water of some persuasion or boulders (and polish them…perhaps a mobile drawbridge?) to make a path for border exchange?

    Watching caravans find paths through running water should be the best. Straight to Witches of Dune territory.

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