Undergrotto: One Fort, A Dozen Megaprojects.

Undergrotto is truly the greatest fortress ever created. A deep, hand-carved grotto houses multiple astounding feats of engineering.

Posted here are just a few of the amazing features from the 61 page Undergrotto tour. For the brave, we host a 14 megabyte file of the entire tour by creator Retro for download here.

Winding through a hand carved gulley

A mysterious dwarf-made mountain spring that can be shut on and off from deep within the fortress.

Rummy Dodger - Hold full of Booze

The Rummy Dodger - All of Undergrotto's booze is stored here. Inhabitants swagger to and fro with the ship's rhythm as they drink merrily

Burial Mounds with Undertaker's Shack

The gloomy burial mounds of Undergrotto, surrounding the nondescript undertaker's shack. He is the dwarf tasked with all burial duties for the entire fortress.

Undergrotto Drop Tower

The Undergrotto Drop Tower, where captured foes are sent plumetting from a heartstopping height, right into a sacrificial shrine's bloody pools.

Download The Full Undergrotto Tour (PDF 14.8 mb)

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