Part 12: Let that be a lesson to you all

I was interested to see that with the new economy, I am able to sell animals. I had just been leaving them in cages, and putting a few of those cages into the zoo. But sure, I’ll sell some animals!

The first thing I realize, though, is that once purchased, the dwarves let the animals OUT OF THE CAGES. I thought they were going to keep them in cages, in their rooms. This annoys me so greatly that I renovate the drawbridge-crushing room into a more efficient, double-wide spike room. Pets begin to die…

Now, pay close attention to this next screenshot. There are two stories going on here.

One, that the mayor, baroness, dungeon master, and tax collector are constantly quibbling over prices of goods…

And two, the fate that awaits any dwarf who spams my announcements feed every 60 seconds because they can’t find their pet hedgehog.

I just want you to know that he suffered very, very greatly.

The hedgehog would also have been put to death, but I couldn’t find the damn thing.

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2 thoughts on “Part 12: Let that be a lesson to you all

  1. I imagine the guy that wrote this as dwarf Hitler. The only part of his beard that is shaved is a tiny square just above his mouth.

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