Stark Raving Mad

A jeweler had a strange mood and started taking materials and demanding silk cloth that I didn’t have. So I decided to just lock her in her workshop and let her go mad. No biggie, right? Wrong. A few in-game months later, as she lost her mind and blood started to fly, I realized she was holding a baby.

My military squad, ‘The Pillars of Authority’ (seriously, how bloody lucky of a random name was THAT) were mobilized. Led by the militia commander himself, armed with full plate, tower shields, and maces (riot police basically) they stormed the workshop and put the rabid dwarf down, although they were too late to save the child.

Here’s the kicker: One of the squad became very unhappy. I didn’t know why. It’s not like he’d been hurt or anything, in fact he didn’t even get a chance to see the mother and child before they both died! He was at the back! Was he sad that he missed the action, maybe? I looked at his profile, and suddenly I understood.

“He has lost a child to tragedy recently. He has lost a spouse to tragedy recently.”

Written by Mantonization.  Source

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