Part 5: So I DO care about the founding seven

The trading “airlock” is almost finished. I just need to lay a few more traps. I also decided to add a 3rd drawbridge next to the depot that has no function other than to squish the crap out of invaders. You know, if the traps aren’t enough.

Then I’m attacked by more kobolds. Have I mentioned how much I hate kobolds?

I order the interior drawbridge closed. But there’s nobody around to pull the lever! It’s not going to close in time!

The kobolds gleefully make their way across the open drawbridge and towards my utterly defenseless fortress. I don’t even have any war dogs left. I guess I’ll have to gather together a little military once again. I draft ‘1’ and Vabak, both miners.

It works like a charm! The kobolds are struck down like the vermin they are. The rest flee. My two recruits give chase. I hate it when they chase things.

But the drawbridge is still open. And my recruits are running towards it. I don’t know how to make them stop.

“Wait! Don’t pull the lever!” I yell. I check the lever downstairs. A dwarf lingers nearby. It’s already been pulled.

I can only watch in horror as 1 and Vabak run after the kobolds. They step onto the drawbridge. It closes.

They are both crushed to death in the enormous hinge.

I pause the game. Because of my military-related incompetence, I just lost ‘1.’ And Vabak was being trained as a miner to replace ‘2,’ whom I also killed.

I check the list of all the dwarves who have been killed so far.

What!? Is that 5 on there? When was 5 killed?

In a previous raid. I didn’t even notice it. Crap.

At this point in the game, I’m completely taken aback by the fact that I actually care about the dwarves whom I’ve gotten to know. I was absolutely not expecting this. But there it is.

The remaining dwarves worthy of receiving a number are 3, 4, 6, and 7.


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