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Trevor and Taran started this website together in summer of 2010. Like the brothers who created the game Dwarf Fortress – Tarn and Zach – Trevor and Taran share responsibility for this project. Unlike the Adams brothers, Trevor and Taran did not come up with a unique idea to build this project around.

Trevor thought the internet needed a Dwarf Fortress Story blog, because it didn’t have one yet. Taran was not consulted, but still somehow ended up with the task of doing all the work.

Since 2010, DFStories.com has grown to 20,000 monthly pageviews. It has spawned several copycat Dwarf Fortress story blogs by people who don’t realise that you can’t make any money archiving Dwarf Fortress Stories.

1 thought on “About This Website

  1. Hey guys! I love the website and the stories! But there’s a problem that I don’t think anyone mentioned so far – for the stories, at least every story I saw had white text on a black background. And this is terrible for reading, it can cause some eye strain. It would be amazing if you guys changed that, Well, it’s just a suggestion that would make reading the stories better for me (and I guess for everyone?). Sorry for saying that via comment, I couldn’t find a contact page.

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