Xarathim’s despotic prodution orders

Written by Xaras

In one of my fortresses, the ruler was a female dwarf whom I named Xarathim. She usually sat in her room, accounting the fort’s production. One day she mandated the construction of some large gems – things that appear randomly in gem cutting. I eventually ordered some gems to be cut.

Unfortunately, not enough large gems were produced and Xarathim decided that someone had to be punished. The vexed ruler determined that one of the craftsdwarves was to blame for the lack of gems (even though it had been a gem cutter working on the production order), but the Guard did not have any cells to lock him up. Growing increasingly angry, Xarathim took the law into her own hands and murdered the offending craftsdwarf, becoming branded a horrible dwarf overall. (I fully expected the Guard to kill her, but they continued being quite ineffective.)

I watched Xarathim wander about the fortress after the grisly deed, and I noticed that she was deeply depressed because she had recently lost a close friend. It turned out that the victim of her rage was her best friend in the whole world, and I can only imagine her crying “WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO THIS!?” as she bludgeoned him to death.

When I later asked her to engrave some walls, she carved some pretty emo stuff.

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