The Stupidest Kobold | Helmbridge

One day, the stupidest Kobold in all The Dimensions of Wind came to steal something from Helmbridge. The most valuable items in all Helmbridge were two amulets worth only 2300 ingots each. The kobolds must have been falling on hard times to seek out such crappy treasure, or else this kobold was sent on a suicide mission by an annoyed kobold overseer.

Even though Helmsbridge was easy to access from all directions, as it was not finished yet, the Stupidest Kobold decided a one-kobold charge at the front gates was a good idea.

Three Elite wrestlers and three excellent marksdwarves were hanging around, not paying any attention whatsoever, when a tiny kitten that was slated to be butchered let out a small meow. All six of them looked up at once to see a small kobold with a heroic look on his gnarled face, long copper dagger raised high.

Arrows flew, and soon the kobold was dragging itself away as fast as its claws could scrabble the loose gravel.

The Kobold’s gut was shredded with the first bolt, and he began leaking his vitals all over the floor.

Thus ended the stupidest kobold’s life.

The dwarves would have given the tiny cat a noble name and title, for finding the kobold when six highly-trained military dwarves could not – but food stores were extremely low, and no dwarf would ever eat Kobold meat.

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