10 thoughts on “The Mightiest Warrior of Razorcrowded

  1. now I’ve had dwarfs miss there targets and die when they hit a wall, but this beast really earned the Darwin award.
    and the kitten, a fortress hero!

  2. I had a forgotten beast (a feathered tarantula) spawn once on the walls of a reclaimed fortress. Two horses I had with me got cornered and started kicking, one lost it’s hoof and fell into the trade depot (one Z-level) the other kicked at the beast, it rolled off the wall and fell unconcious where my entire military ripped it’s limbs off.

  3. In my DF Let’s Play on youtube my militia has been helped out in a siege and in several ambushes by goats! Something like 4 (or 5) of my goats have kills and names now. o_o

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