Poor Trade Relations

Let me tell you about a moment I’m not particularly proud of.

I had a particular set-up for my trade depot in my fort. If I didn’t just want to seize all of a caravans goods but also capture the merchants for some reason, I could pull a lever to drop the entire depot and its contents into a room lined with cage traps. The fall would stun the merchants, and they’d get trapped.

The elves came around, and they had so. Much. Fucking. Cloth. They also had a few tamed vermin and a few useless wooden trinkets. No booze at all, which I desperately needed at the time.

I pulled the lever. Forced them to watch as I had ALL of their belongings, and their animals, dumped into the volcano. Then I had them thrown in after it.

Overreacted? Sure. But then again…they’re only elves.

Author Unknown.  Source

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