Part 15: Lava Rain

21st of Felsite. Today is the day that my laggy fortress shall die.
I open the init.txt file and toggle “temperature” to [YES].

When I load the game, I take one last look at the fort.
Some dwarves are sleeping in their miserable, cramped rooms. Others scurry about doing menial tasks. A marksdwarf practices on the archery range.
Most of the dwarves are hanging out in the dining room, the statue rooms, and the zoo.

Someone pulls the doomsday lever.
The tiny support snaps like a twig.
My computer struggles to load a single frame as the enormous bowl of death begins its descent.

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this… when the next frame finally loads, an enormous dust cloud envelops the fort from top to bottom. I suppose cave-ins are instantaneous, because the bowl has already fallen the entire distance, smashing apart along the way as expected. The fortress now looks like swiss cheese… or at least it would, if I could see through all this dust.

The lava, however, falls much more slowly. In contrast with the bowl’s instantaneous fall, it seems to float down from the sky.
The ensuing magma rain kills several dozen dwarves.

The molten rock covers everything as it rains down from the sky. Dwarves and furniture burn. Barrels of alcohol boil and explode. Smoke, dust, and magma mist fill the rooms.

The population of my fortress, 91, has been cut in half.

A 2-minute ascii video of the entire event is available here.

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