Part 11: The Barony

It seems that my 80-population-limit is more of a suggestion than a rule.

I’ve decided to put it up to 100. The game is already incredibly laggy, what’s a few more dwarves going to do? Not much.

Then, this happens:

Woah, my fortress is now a barony! And I have an economy now! And I’m going to have… a bunch of whiny nobles to look after. That will be… interesting.

What’s the first thing that happens?

Every non-legendary dwarf, unable to pay the newly-announced rent on their large, masterfully engraved, furnished, luxurious bedrooms, is evicted.

Well, this is just absolutely ridiculous. I already had more than enough rooms for everyone. You know what I have to do now? I have to dig out and provide beds and doors for a bunch of tiny, miserable, worthless rooms, crammed into the only place I could fit them – on the edge of the map.

I call these rooms “the catacombs.”

Meanwhile, the baroness receives my special, legendary, incredibly valuable and luxurious bedroom – the one I had been using for years to cheer up anyone sad.

That’s the main staircase in the middle, enveloped by the bedroom. The doors are made of silver. The room is laden with masterwork engravings and furniture.

Oh well. It’s hers now. I begin mining out rooms for the other nobles, on the same level.

One day, this happens:

I’m not sure what it means, but maybe I’ll get some better trade goods now.

Later, an elven diplomat visits the baroness:

What a smug, skinny, tree-hugging, hippie bastard.

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2 thoughts on “Part 11: The Barony

  1. I think the golden age means there are no more megabeasts in the world, since you killed that weakling bronze colussus. You can check in the legends to see what each age means.

  2. I hate nobles. I hope my newly made fortress never succumbs to such tyranny, and if it should, well let’s just say those dirty nobles will be treated to a lava bath, free of charge.

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