My First Failed Mood

Originally posted by ghostxxx Raging Dwarf

Today I started my 2nd fortress. After good three or four hours of playing, I get a message, “Your miner was taken by a fey mood!”

I’m like, “Alright! Sweet! Artifact time!”

My lower floor began to flood right at that moment so I went to take care of that and completely forgot about the miner.

Ten minutes later, I recieve a messege “Your miner has gone beserk.” !!! Shit! I switch my view to him only watch him chase after my craftsdwarf and beat his face in with his fists.

I make a military squad to quickly take him consisting of my other two miners, woodcutter and a mason. After fiddling with the menus I finally get them to attack him.

Within three minutes he proceeds to beat down my full squad while only sustaining a broken arm and an injured leg.

After completely teabagging my squad he proceeds to rape and pillage all my other dwarves. In horror I watched my whole fortress get single-handedly slaughtered.

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