My Encounter With a False God

So I’m not exactly an avid player of Dwarf Fortress. In fact, I haven’t even played fortress mode that much. Instead, I usually play adventure mode to find my Fun, and what happened tonight was something special, at least for me.

When the new update hit the scene, I decided to create a pocket world with a pretty long history of about 750 years, to see if I could find any crypts and artifacts. What I found was Tuftmatches, a fortress filled with ancient books.

Here’s an example of such a book:

Unfortunately, I had made the mistake of not learning how to read, so I don’t know what was in the books.

So I decided to enter the large building within a fortress, and imagine my surprise when before me stands the great deity Talde, clear as day!

Deciding not to waste any time, I immediately strike up a conversation with him.

He seemed nice enough, although he didn’t want to join me nor let me fight for his cause.

Hearing that, I decided to go outside and explore a bit more, when…

…What the hell?

This is where I started to get just a tiny bit suspicious, so I decided to take a closer look on his person, and well, let’s say the description was unexpected.

So I decide to look up Legends mode. Not finding much info on Talde (just the description), I take a closer look at some of the artifacts I found…

Abesp Frothygalls, huh? Well, let’s check him out and…

By Armok!

So there you have it. The god I met was actually demon from the beginning of time, who has tricked the world into thinking he is a god for over 700 years, writing books about himself to bypass the time.

(It turns out one of those books contained the spell to raise the dead. I might attack him with an army of zombies now.)

Written by SpinozaDreams

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