My Dwarves Chose the Best Embark Site Ever


Editor’s note: The blue sevens represent tiles completely filled with 7 out of 7 water depth, which means that the dwarves, who chose to stop in the middle of a dry riverbed, are in imminent danger of being washed away and drowned.

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4 thoughts on “My Dwarves Chose the Best Embark Site Ever

  1. The 7s are on the z-level below where the dwarves are standing, the dwarves themselves are standing on frozen river which is in another biome, which you can tell because there are different rock types in the wall of the canyon.

  2. Actually that is a pretty good place. I built one fort in such a place. Built bridges/floodgates at the other ends and and I dealt with many an invasion by letting the melting ice drown the invaders that had come in during winter, or by letting the them freeze in the water. So, to me, it appears there’s a river in the picture that is partly melted. Dig in in a hurry and maybe you can salvage the party. I haven’t seen any natural floods in DF, so it’s unlikely that there’s any mass of water just waiting for your embark in the picture.

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