Kobolds Have a New Terror In The Night.

Among the horde of immigrants arriving this spring, skulks a figure wearing giant bat leather pants, menacing with spikes of orangutan bone, with long greasy black hair in a warrior’s pony tail. She’s talented with dagger and shield, eschewing dwarven weapons for those taken from the bodies of her enemies. The other metalsmiths called her a Grand Master of her craft, forging cages and coffins the like of which few have seen before. In her spare time, she carves bones and hunts vermin.

She absolutely detests flies.

She tends to avoid crowds. She has a fertile imagination, but dislikes intellectual discussions. She is put off by authority and tradition, is slow to trust others. She is not straightforward with dealing with others, but she finds helping strangers to be very rewards. She says she’s done with thrills and risks in life. She is confident and often does the first thing that comes to mind, claiming her actions were inspired by Otung Bravesinges, god of war, fortresses, fire, caverns and earth.

She joined the deluge of dwarves heading toward Spearpost alone, friendless, unarmed and unarmored. When asked for tales of her bravery in the past, all she said was “I’m getting used to tragedy.”

Kobolds beware, for crime has a new enemy in Spearpost. Her name is Urshrir Hallcrazed, and she’s Captain of The Secretive Earth.

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