From Jadetongs comes a tale of human error and dwarven idiocy. The magma workshop area was all but complete. All that remained was to release the magma. The miners apparently channeled the wrong spot, because the magma began to spill into the upper floor, the planned workshop floor, as well as down into the magma channels. Two wall sections and a floodgate were quickly installed, though naturally the dwarves who did the installing trapped themselves on the wrong side of the barrier. The floodgate was built solely to get them out of harm’s way.

One of the trapped idiots dwarves was Jadetongs’ mayor, who’d come down to install a wall section, then found himself unable to leave again due to the imposition of the floodgate. The floodgate installer, too, was stuck, and was reduced to standing about helplessly as the magma inched closer.

When the mayor had come down to the future workshop, the dwarven liaison had followed him, hoping to grab a few minutes of his time to have a meeting about trade and the like. Unfortunately, he was trapped along with the other idiots dwarves. An emergency draining channel was hurriedly cut into one wall to lessen the pressure on the oncoming magma. It did its job perfectly, and the magma poured back down into the level below while a fledgling mechanic attached the lever to the floodgate.

A dwarf on break came by to observe the idiocy at work. “What’re you doing on that side of the floodgate? Can’t you see the magma?”

“It is a bit warm in here,” the mayor was heard to comment. “Do you think it’s warm in here?” he asked the liaison.

The mayor stood by as the magma crept around him, burning his feet and inexplicably causing him to spontaneously bleed to death. The liaison, stymied in his attempt to meet with the mayor, announced his intention to leave Jadetongs, but was still stuck behind the floodgate.

Shortly the floodgate became operational and the trapped idiots dwarves fled the approaching magma.

Once the crisis was averted, the magma smelters and forges were installed and productivity increased. Though one metalworker complains of hearing trade mandates in his dreams…

Just another day at Jadetongs.

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  1. Well, to be fair, dwarves dont take such things as impending death into account. Also they are lazy, building on the side nearest to whatever it is they’re using to build it, regardless of aforementioned death incoming.

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