Helmbridge’s Population Control Chamber

Work is being completed on the new Population Control Chamber. Notice the Rushing Reservior of Drowning, Helmbridge’s most monumental achievement, is being utilized for this task.

Here is the control room.

The lever behind the door controls the floodgate to the Rushing Reservior.

The two top levers control the gates into the chamber.

The bottom lever controls the floor hatches, allowing the chamber to drain.

The drainage tributary leads directly a small bottomless pit.

Here we have closed off the western gate to the Population Control Chamber, in preparation for its first test! This is an exciting time for all the members of Helmbridge… but some Dwarves have not yet learned of this new device.

Here, a group of fresh, bright faced recruits jaunt merrily toward the chamber. They are told that the meeting they are attending is for orientation into the great fortress of Helmbridge.

All 16 eager dwarves wait. Some even brought their pets along.

The Second lever is pulled…

Completely sealing off all exits….

And finally, the Population Control Chamber is tested for the first time.

One-half second later – water rushes in faster than the speed of sound!

Inexplicably, the Dwarves don’t move an inch in response to the advancing wall of water. They won’t last long though – since there is no air left anymore.

Success! Every single Dwarf has been euthanised! As an added bonus, their useless pets can now be eaten by the remaining population!

Time to test the drainage system.

The water drains quickly.

Conclusion: The first test of Helmbridge’s Population Control Chamber was a great success. In the future, it will hopefully be utilized to combat elven invaders. Until then, it shall remain to discourage Helmbridge’s many workers from misbehaving.

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