I currently have an engraver who is obsessed with a certain incident. Over and over, the engraver carves depictions of a human who was known for hunting wild beasts. What do the engravings show? The human being ambushed by an alligator. Then several different engravings each depicting the alligator tearing various body parts from the human until, finally, the alligator rips his entire torso apart and the human bleeds to death.

The engraver occasionally carves some pictures of wheat as well.

Written by Techne.

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2 thoughts on “Engravings

  1. This reminds me of an engraver i had, who depicted a human being stabbed by a Dwarf…

    Much later, i was playing Adventure mode. I was stabbed by a Dwarf. I was a Human.

    I know it was a coincidence but still

  2. Crumbledfights and Ashencarnages. Those two names are burned into my brain. Two giant lions depicted as killing a single human apiece, yet those two events spellbound the dwarfs of that fort. They carved them into masterful engravings (i recall no masterful engravings that didn’t involve those bloody lions) they encrusted gems onto goods in their image, they made them into statues, depicted them on their artifacts. Long after that fort is gone I can still recall those names…

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