Dwarf has Made a Macabre Masterpiece!

So I’m going along and things are going well. People are busily preparing food and drinks for the first winter, when all of a sudden, lizardmen attack! Since at this point I didn’t really know what I’m doing, I just observe to see what happens. My 2 war dogs attack them, take down a couple, and then die. So much for this settlement having dogs. The lizardmen also get into a fight with some dwarves, but the miner and carpenter handily cut them down.

I check things out after the battle and see bits of lizardmen and dwarf on the ground and someone’s… lower left leg?

Then I see the poor guy and he’s in a lot of pain, so he hobbles off to a bed where he remains mostly unconscious for a year.

Then it happens: he’s taken by a fell mood.

Not sure what this is about, I curiously watch him hobble down the hallway to the workshop area and take over the butchery. He then proceeds to hobble around the base looking for what I don’t know. Then, suddenly, he kills someone. I am laughing so hard because here’s this guy possessed by who knows what hobbling down my corridor and then he kills someone as they run by. He proceeds to take their corpse to the butchery and begins working on something. What the heck is he making out of another dwarf? Unfortunately, the crippled guy is in so much pain he falls unconscious a lot and works during his short conscious periods. It takes him about 2 YEARS to finish the, erm, dwarf bone chain armor. And now he is a legendary bonecrafter. He walks back to the bed and collapses, where he remains there for another year till he dies.

Written by Kel Woodbury

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