Dwarf engraves pre-internet cat pictures

After 2 caravans and no raids, my second fortress finally gets some migrants – 17 of them – more than tripling my population. In this group was a blacksmith who liked cats.

None of my cats had yet been adopted, so as soon as this blacksmith became situated and comfortable, he adopted all of them but one, which a migrant child adopted. Under my blacksmith’s relations menu, it said he had 7 pet cats, and that his only friend was the child.

That alone was a funny image – the “cat lady” of my game being a burly, muscular blacksmith. But it got better. It turned out I had more use for him, smoothing out walls, so he ended up becoming a skilled engraver. And when I told him to engrave my dining room… well, now my dining room is filled with pictures of cats.

This is majorly entertaining.

Written by Illisid

Picture by Illisid’s brother.

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2 thoughts on “Dwarf engraves pre-internet cat pictures

  1. Where does your image come from? I remember a friend playing DF with this kind of view but I have been playing for years now and never figured out what it was.

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