A Fitting End

I just put to rest my adventurer Sibrek Talonboulder. I should warn the newbies that this post contains spoilers.

Anyway, this dwarven hero single-handedly ushered in a Golden Age by slaying all the bad guys in the world. It got to the point where everyone would just shrug and say “I’m flattered, but I have no use for you” when he offered his services.

A couple of civilizations had demon law-givers or demons posing as gods, and I thought about cleansing the world of them, too, but they didn’t seem to be doing any harm and the people loved them, so in the end I left them alone.

Then I journeyed into the depths of the world, back to the slade temple where I’d found the adamantine scimitar that had made the heroic escapades possible. Down I went into the pit, thinking I’d simply try to kill as many demons as possible — to reduce their numbers a little.

Dayfly brutes swarmed and coughed up some terrible extract, but their chitinous skulls couldn’t withstand the adamantine. An undulating blob of snow stood no chance, for obvious reasons. Bronze insectoids were also a dime a dozen, but were dispatched easily enough with a quick stab to the head. The first sign of trouble was a group of dimetrodon monsters, which actually managed to land a couple of hits and didn’t seem to go down as easily as their smaller companions. The dimetrodons soon became quite many, and were joined by dayfly brutes. The end came in the form of a rib-crushing kick to the upper body, which sent Sibrek flying, shattering a bone in his right arm so he lost his shield. Before he could recover, another dimetrodon which bit off that arm while another kicked off Sibrek’s right foot. Sibrek had just enough time to lodge his sword in the thick skull of one of his aggressors before being reduced to complete mush.

Somewhere deep below the ground, a demonic dimetrodon monster is walking around with an adamantine scimitar stuck in its head.

Written by Quantumtroll

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